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10117 Berlin, Leipziger Str. 60  

Versteigerung am Mittwoch, 8. Juli 2020 ab 19:00  | Auktion beendet

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Jonathan Meese - Dein Ausflugsziel “Selbst”!, 2020

Startpreis 25.000 EUR

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30.000 EUR

Meese’s work includes paintings, drawings, prints, sculptures, performances, but also writing, stage design and directing in the theatre and opera world. The self-portrait runs like a red thread through his entire oeuvre. The painting Dein Ausflugsziel “Selbst”! is the most recent example of the genre and the artist describes it as follows: “It shows the “art general Meese” with a fool’s cap, devil’s ears and artificial antlers! Excellent and art-decorated is this “play child of art” with the “Iron Cross of Art” and generals epaulettes! The figure comes from a candy-coloured tropical forest and is surrounded by snakes, beetles, climbing plants, fern and floral plants! The expression of “Meeseself” is combative, playful, straight and without fear. This art fighter is full of “self” but without “I”, the “self” is always without ideology, thus the inner life, the “I” is always a product of ideology, thus an indoctrination from outside. The mouth is bloodred, as if this “warrior of art” had eaten mixed berries or “robbed” meat. The portrait appears as if in the rain, so the being is exposed to nature, but feels as if it were a poodle and is part of nature, i.e. Natyrn.

Selected collections: Centre Pompidou, Paris; MOMA, New York; Sammlung Falckenberg, Hamburg; Sammlung Goetz, Munich

Öl, Acryl und Acryl-Spachtel auf Leinwand 210,5 × 140,3 × 3,3 cm

Starting bid: € 25.000.– ( Low estimate: € 50.000 - High estimate: € 75.000 )

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