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Katharina Grosse - O.T., 2020

Startpreis 100.000 EUR

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150.000 EUR

With her work, Katharina Grosse has occupied one of the most important international positions in painting since the early 1990s. Her work and thinking is characterized by constant renewal and variable perspective; it aims at a systematic questioning and expansion of the concept of the picture. Initially with brushes and broad brushes, and since 1998 mainly with a spray gun, she has been working on making painting recognizable as a relational, spatially related, performatively founded, ephemeral phenomenon. The characteristics of analytical painting – the painterly questioning of colorant, carrier and application – are anything but alien to her work, but at best form a transit station on the way to a colorfulness liberated in itself, which only becomes complete through the viewer.

Exhibitions: April 23 – October 4, 2020 Solo exhibition, It Wasn’t Us, Hamburger Bahnhof – Museum für Gegenwart, Berlin, Germany Opening postponed to end of april, 2020 Group exhibition, Push the Limits, Fondazione Merz, Turin, Italy – April 26, 2020 Cooperation | Group exhibition, Alexander Kluge – The Power Of Music / The Opera – Temple of Seriousness, Kunsthalle Weishaupt and Museum Ulm, Germany – June 28, 2020 Solo exhibition, Is It You?, The Baltimore Museum of Art, USA The presentation of paintings closes June 28, 2020; the installation Is It You? remains on view through January 3, 2021 Collections: Centre Pompidou, Paris, France Lenbachhaus, Munich, Germany FNAC collection, France

Acrylic on canvas 202 × 114 cm

Starting bid: € 100.000.– ( Low estimate: € 200.000 - High estimate: € 300.000 )

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