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Martin Eder - The World turns into a Deeper Shade of Blue, 2019

Startpreis 25.000 EUR

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24.000 EUR

Martin Eder has always loved the game of kitsch, clichées and exaggeration. The resulting subjects that seem trivial are half appetizingly arranged, half distastefully served and completed in the highest painterly and photographic perfection. He therefore maintains a top-class voyeurism that forces extremes into till then unseen pictures – a mixture that is both provoking and fascinating.Until 2011 mostly nude woman, massive Mohair-tomcats, barely dressed teenagers, poodles, children and rabbits bustle in these scenarios. With cuteness, bad taste and pornographic key stimulus he equips a universe of images full of dark sweetness and screaming cosiness. Originally coming from sculpture production, space and installation is always important for him as well. Since a couple of years Eder modifies his subjects and sets first opposing stimulus with naturalistic nude painting. Around 2014 the pan to black romance, hypnosis and esoteric knight play with portraits of strong women in military armament with sword, axe or scepter together with flowing garments or angel wings takes place. A few people recognized only a refinement of bad taste, others a further logic development of the work along with popcultural phenomenons as gothic or heavy-metal-chic and cinematic substitute religions à la “Game of Thrones” an “The Hunger Games”.

2020: AKI Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan 2019: Dystopia, Galerie Eigen + Art, Berlin, Germany; 2018: Parasites, Newport Street Gallery, London, UK

Öl auf Leinwand 75 × 50 cm

Starting bid: € 25.000.– ( Low estimate: € 50.000 - High estimate: € 75.000 )

Legend key "G" as in Conditions of Sale

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