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Claudia Comte - Suspended Marble Apple, 2018

Startpreis 25.000 EUR

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32.000 EUR

The group of seven marble sculptures of enlarged fruits suspended in fourpost cages show Claudia Comte’s occupation with technology, nature and material. Each sculpture was carved by a robot into a block of black Marquinia marble, after the fruit was scanned by a 3-D-Scanner. The rectangle form of the cage remains, giving the viewer a reference to the raw block in which the sculpture was carved in and refers at the same time to the Renaissance, where scientists started to investigate processes of nature in order to understand and control it. The reminiscence of baroque opulence and exorbitance appears in the fruits, which had been carefully polished by hand after they were carved into the stone. Although the marble itself signifies antiquity and stability, the condition of the depicted fruit is perishable and ephemeral.

Selected solo exhibitions: 2019: The Diagnosis of Life, Castello di Rivoli – Museo D’Arte Contemporanea, Rivoli, Italy; Claudia Comte, Fruits and Jungle, König London, London, UK; Claudia Comte, Gladstone Gallery, Brussels, Belgium; Bunnies and ZigZag, Joy de Rouvre, Geneva, Switzerland; Wallpaintings, Gladstone Gallery, New York, USA; Copenhagen Contemporary, Copenhagen, Denmark Collections: Kunstmuseum, Luzern, Switzerland; The Maurice and Paul Marciano Art Foundation, LA, USA: Collection Haus Konstruktiv, Zurich, Switzerland

Black Marquinia marble, yellow Siena marble Sculpture: 50.7 × 32.7 × 32.7 cm, 64 kg Plinth: 120 × 27.4 × 28.1 cm, 218 kg, Unique

Starting bid: € 25.000.– ( Low estimate: € 50.000 - High estimate: € 75.000 )

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